ABC Basics: 30 minutes Abs, Butt & Core exercises to focus on the top 3 requested areas of emphasis.

Abs & Spin: 80 minutes Start your workout with 20 minutes of abs in the yoga studio followed by a full hour of spin.

Aqua Cardio: 90 minutes This energizing class in the water focuses solely on elevating your heart rate to improve cardiovascular strength and endurance. Choose your own pace in this high energy class that will burn some calories while you have a blast!

Aqua Motion: 45 minutes This high-power water class provides a challenging variety of movements designed to allow the unique properties of water to both support and resist as you work. Wear shoes in the water? You bet, come see why!

Bootcamp: 60 minutes A metabolic conditioning circuit to boost fat loss while toning your entire body in only an hour. Burn high calories in this toning and strength building class that can be modified to your training level. Instructors will give progressions and regressions as needed. Class is located on the basketball court.

Basic Bootcamp: 30 minutes Work through the basics of a boot camp workout at a safe pace. Remain injury free by joining this 30-minute class that improves form and teaches modifications to use. Perfect for new or returning exercisers looking to get back into a fitness program.

Cardio Mix-Up: 60 minutes This class is designed to get your heart rate up and keep it there! It’s not your average step class. We will be using steps, body weight exercises, and even boxing equipment. With this class you are guaranteed to get a sweat on and have fun!

Creative Power: 60 minutes This class will work every muscle group in your body while using barbells, dumbbells, bands, and balls choreographed to music. Not only will you condition and tone, you will also raise your metabolic rate to help you burn more fat at rest.

Gentle Yoga: 60 minutes Gain flexibility, strength, and balance safely in this class focusing on less strenuous practices.

HIIT: 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training consists of several repetitions of high-intensity exercise separated by medium intensity exercise. The class is designed to push each individual at their own pace making time fly by. Using weight bands, balls, and even steps, you will get your cardiovascular exercise in without stepping on a treadmill.

Lite Circuit: 60 minutes This is a great class with lots of members who enjoy exercising and socializing together. Each class offers a variety of formats. Meet at the climbing wall.

PiYo Yoga poses with Pilates mat exercises to build CORE strength, flexibility, and balance. Get the benefits from Pilates and yoga in one class. Strengthen your body while lengthening, making yourself long and lean.

Pilates Develop strength through the core, providing a foundation. This class strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind, and creates a more streamlined shape. Learn how to use your core properly.

Power Yoga: 60 minutes A full-body workout incorporating traditional yoga poses in a flowing sequence that require flexibility, strength, and cardio conditioning. It is a practice that unifies mind, body, and breath, while at the same time providing a complete exercise regimen. A power yoga class is for the experienced yoga practitioner who would like a more challenging session.

Relief: 30 minutes Rehabilitate your body before you need it using foam rollers and flexibility techniques designed to prevent and reduce dysfunctions that lead to musculoskeletal problems.

Rev: 30 minutes A 30-minute cycling class set to music that pushes your own personal limit. The entire 30 minutes is energy packed from start to finish. Grab a bike and get a warm up in for as long as you need before class takes off.

Spin: 60 minutes One full hour of cardiovascular conditioning in a group cycling class.

Spin & Abs: 60 minutes 45 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning in a group cycling class and 15 minutes of abdominal and core work.

Spin & Sculpt: 45 minutes Spin and Sculpt is a fun, upbeat class with 45 minutes of spin and weights. The last 15 minutes is core work and a cool down.

Spin & YogaFlex: 60 minutes 30 minutes of Spin followed by 30 minutes of yoga & stretching to help increase your flexibility.

TRX: 60 minutes Sick of lifting weights? It’s time for a mix-up with TRX. TRX suspension training uses your own body weight from different angles to engage more muscle groups at the same time. The focus is core training where you are in control of your own resistance and intensities to tone and define.

Water Fitness: 90 minutes This low-impact class provides a challenging total body workout with rhythmic movements that focus on strengthening each muscle group. You will increase flexibility, coordination, toning, balance, and muscular strength while decreasing pain and stiffness. Recovering from an injury? Let the therapeutic properties of water work for you!

Working Deeper: A deep-water aquatic class designed to maximize personal wellness in a non-impact training environment. Come and experience your body’s unique gratification as overall conditioning occurs in this highly resistive workout emphasizing individual endurance. You will employ a variety of floatation devices that maximize the deeper core trunk stabilizers resulting in greater muscle symmetry.

Yoga Stretch: 60 minutes The primary focus in this class is to stretch your tight muscles and loosen stiff joints. Improve flexibility and balance gradually and comfortably.

YogaFlex: 45 minutes This class combines yoga poses with toning exercises. The beginning and end of this class will be traditional yoga poses to stretch and relax while the middle of the class will include strength-building moves combined with yoga-inspired postures.

Vinyasa-Yoga Arranging yoga poses and coordinating breathing in a special way while moving from one pose right into the next.

Yoga: 60 minutes Unfold your body and relax your mind. Let the cares of the day float away while you focus on body awareness, breathing techniques, and proper alignment in this one-hour class. This class is perfect for all levels of fitness, from those who are new to yoga to seasoned athletes. Saturday Yoga Larry and Tyler share and instruct every other weekend.

Zumba: 60 minutes This Zumba class is 70% Latin dance with a mix of hip hop! An hour will fly by in this fun Zumba dance class!